Pat Verano

Pat Verano lives and works in Argentina.  She is an EFL, ESL, SFL and SSL teacher. She graduated from Universidad del Salvador, Argentina,  where she went through a very  a rigorous academic process which was finally developed into what she likes best:  teaching and creating engaging, captivating material to teach and learn languages.

Music has had a tremendous impact in  her life and has been used in her classes successfully.  One of her major achievements is her contribution to the TPRS materials market.  She has become a popular novelist and song composer.

One of her books has been developed into a movie called Pobre Ana bailó tango.  Pat was given the honor of being the executive producer of the movie.  Additionally, she has co-authored the series written by Carol Gaab and has edited other novels written by Blaine Ray and Karen Rowan.  These are all big names in the TPRS world.

Pat has always enjoyed teaching and has  poured her talents into everything she has created: music, novels, activities.   Many years ago she traveled to the US to find out about a  cutting edge methodology called TPRS in order to maximize her students acquisition-learning process.

Obviously, once she met these talented TPRS presenters and saw for herself their proven success in the classroom, she started to work hard to produce more educational material to be used with this input-based concept.   At that time the focus was on teaching Spanish in the context of Secondary Education.  Pat needed materials for teaching English as a Second Language to students and adults alike.

This is how Pat started writing TPRS novels, a new concept developed by the TPRS world. A TPRS novelist is focused on writing captivating, engaging, easily comprehensive readings that use high frequency words and which are easily understood by students in their first attempts at reading foreign language readers.

Pat is now a recognized leader in the field of writing novellas in English and Spanish as well as in providing music-based supplementary materials to enhance the learning process in the classroom.

Click here for a sample of a simple song that we can use even in Kindergarten (make sure your audio settings are working).

Pat is a partner and founding member of The TPRS Institute of Argentina together with Veronica van Kregten.  The two of them are actively involved in teaching and promoting TPR and TPRS methodology in Argentina.

You can contact Pat Verano at  or visit her website at


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