Helpful Links

Helpful links and resources for the TPRS Classroom

MoreTPRS (Yahoo listserv group)

Join the Yahoo listserv group MoreTPRS, an invaluable place to share with experienced TPRS teachers.

Dr. Stephen Krashen

Access Dr. Krashen´s books and articles on language acquisition, including Foreign Language the Easy Way.  Learn about comprehensible input, free voluntary reading and more.

Blaine Ray Workshops

Lots of information about TPRS – practical and theoretical.  Many TPRS materials for teachers and students and for teacher training.  Many links.  Workshops by several top-notch TPRS presenters.

Fluency Fast Workshops

Fluency Fast Language Classes.  Blaine Ray´s adult language classes taught nationwide using TPRS and taught by Blaine Ray´s TPRS Workshop presenters.  DVDs of previous classes available in Spanish and French.

Karen Rowan, Colorado

Find out more about TPRS from Karen Rowan, the author of the TPRS supplements to the Paso a Paso and Realidades textbooks, coordinator of the National TPRS Conference and workshop presenter.

Susan Gross, Colorado

Find out more about TPRS and language acquisition, get free materials and sign up for Susie´s acclaimed TPRS workshops.

Jason Fritze, Tennessee

Find out more about comprehensible input and TPRS.  Access many comprehensible input links, resources and useful files.  Find out about Jason´s workshops.

Janice Holter Kittok, Minnesota

Download free teaching tips.  Sign up for a TPRS workshop and experience TPRS firsthand as a learner of Swedish.

Judi Mazziotti, New York

Foreign Language Magic 101, a DVD showing how to use magic tricks to provide comprehensible input in your second language classroom.  Props also available.

Kristy Placido, Michigan

The co-author of some of the materials in the Tell Me Series provides many links to Spanish language TPRS materials and other Spanish language websites, including a link to the music resource Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Quiche/Tacos by Barbara MacArthur.

Scott Benedict, Nevada

“Teach for June” isn´t a slogan to get through the school year, but a new attitude towards foreign language teaching.  This site is full of useful resources and articles about TPRS.

The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

A free quarterly on-line journal containing current research, articles and helpful resources for foreign language teachers.


A wiki where you can freely define the verb to storyask.  By learning to ask good questions and to listen well to the answers, we can make more meaningful stories that really connect with language learners.








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