What is TPRS?

“TPR Storytelling is much better than anything else out there.”

Professor Stephen D. Krashen
University of Southern California

“Rapidly, story by story, students are amazed that they can express themselves in speech…..and writing (in TPR Storytelling).”

                                                                      Professor James J. Asher
in The Super School
(1994:p. 13-9)

Key Concepts

1.  That all classes should be completely comprehensible to all students.

2.  That students must hear over and over the grammatical features and basic vocabulary that are essential for fluent expression of ideas.

3.  That every moment of every class should be interesting or even captivating to every student.

Fluency through TPR Storytelling 

Achieving Real Language Acquisition in School

by Blaine Ray & Contee Seely

Even now, early in the 21st century, foreign and second language programs in schools in North America and most of the world produce very few students who can fluently speak and comprehend spoken language or read and write competently.  Nearly all high school, middle school and elementary school TPR Storytelling students can actually do these things.  From day one students understand everything they hear and read in their new language and are answering numerous questions about stories.  In the first weeks students acquire a basic comprehension vocabulary and the most essential structures.  In two or three months they are able to express themselves with fluency appropriate to their level.

The program continues for four years as vocabulary and grammatical competence gradually expand.  Reading and writing are significant segments of the program that help students to move to a higher level of competency.  In addition to achieving true competency that enables them to function in the language, TPR Storytelling students perform extraordinarily well on national standardized tests such as the Advanced Placement language exam, the National French Examination and the National Spanish Examination.  And not only do students accomplish these feats, they love acquiring a new language through TPR Storytelling and they love their success.  Their teachers do too.

Fluency Through TPR Storytelling shows how this happens, describing in detail what students and teachers do at every level.

-from the back cover


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