Helpful Links

Helpful links and resources for the TPR Classroom

Berty Segal Cook, California

Basic teacher´s guide of 102 TPR lesson plans in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Russian plus student books with additional speaking, reading, and writing activities.  Audio set of three CDs of all 102 TPR lesson plans in English.  “TPR/NA” DVD showing workshop and elementary and high school demonstrations of TPR, Natural Approach and early TPRS methods in action.

Dr. James Asher, California

Learn more about TPR (Total Physical Response) from the psychology professor who researched this approach and made it world-famous.  Order TPR books and TPR teaching materials such as Dr. Asher´s Learning Another Language Through Actions and Ramiro Garcia´s Instructor´s Notebook: How to Apply TPR for Best Results.

Contee Seely, California

TPR in context – books (Live Action series of commands in six languages, Recurrent Action Grammar and TPR Is More Than Commands – At All Levels) and interactive software in Spanish and English.  Co-publisher of TPRS novellas and Fluency Through TPR Storytelling with Blaine Ray Workshops.


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