• AULATIC – Technology resources for the classroom

This is a virtual course for teachers offered by San Andres University.  It is part of the long term initiative of Northlands to upgrade and implement technology in the classroom.

In our K5 classroom at Northlands (Nordelta), we have a Promethean Interactive Board connected to a canon projector which is plugged in to our laptop computer and has a WiFi internet connection always available.  ActiveInspire software is available for our use in providing interactive content for the students in our classroom.  Ongoing training with Hostec is available for this schoolwide technology-in-the-classroom  initiative at Northlands.

In addition, the AULATIC virtual course for teachers from San Andres University provides further training in the available online educational resources that can enrich the learning experience in the classroom.  Although we intend to apply these resources to all areas of learning in the classroom, we are particularly interested in how they can be applied to English language learning objectives.

The following is a brief outline of the course and the subjects that were covered.

Practical Work No. 1 – Screen Capture and Online Magazines

  •    Screen Capture Programs – (Jing)                                                Click here for an example of a number of pictures captured with Jing and put into a slideshow presentation (Learning English is Fun).
  •    Online Magazine Programs – (Issuu) or (YouBlisher)

Practical Work No. 2 – Multimedia Murals and Conceptual Maps  

Practical Work No. 3 – Tools for Interactive Activities

  • Interactive Smart Boards
  • Interactive Activity Programs –  (Hot Potatoes) or (JClic)                                                                                                               Click here for an example of a Hot Potatoes presentation.

Practical Work No. 4 – Presentation Tools

  • Shared Conceptual Map  – (Prezi)                                                   Click here for an example of a Prezi presentation (Erasmus) 
  • Slide Show  (Slide Rocket)                                       Click here for an example of a Slide Rocket presentation (What´s Your Dream?) 
  • Multimedia (Kizoa)    *This site is in Spanish.
  • Slide Show (Slide Share)
  • Video Animation (Animoto)

Practical Work No. 5 – Communication Tools 

  • Blogs (one editor plus comments)  (Blogger) (Tumblr) (Word Press)                                           Click here for an example of a wordpress blog by Veronica and Geraldine 
  • Wiki (shared editing) (Wiki Spaces)

Practical Work No. 6- Organization and Collaboration Tools

We will be providing you with more specific ideas on how we plan to use these tools to promote English language learning in the classroom as we integrate them into our TPR/TPRS methodology.  In the meantime, feel free to click on the links and examples above and explore these interactive educational tools for yourself.

Happy surfing!!!

Veronica and Geraldine


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